Sunday, January 17, 2016

Who, What, Where, When, How and Why.” Part 1 or Level 1

     This blog itself is called “Who, What, Where, When, How and Why.” The phrase was first presented to me in the Army military police academy in the early 1970s. It was a checklist on how police officers should write a report. Answer those questions, big and small. But later I learned that a detective must further answer these questions, and a prosecutor must delve even deeper. You never know what weird little thing becomes vitally important in a trial. 

     Then I learned I could really apply all the questions to training objectives, and then…to ALL phases of life. Yes! I could certainly apply it to self defense, training and protection. And also…to buying a house. Getting married. Even trying to get to and use a neighborhood ATM safely. Even planning a military invasion like D-Day. Body guarding the president? Answer these W and H questions as a framework.
     I have used this Ws and H idea for about 25 years now as a spinal cord and mainstay of my personal protection jobs and my training courses. I introduce the Ws and the H in level one of all my training programs to set the stage for all subsequent levels. Others have gotten on this “Ws and H” band wagon too, certainly everyone I have instructed. But some believers I haven’t instructed personally, but have read me or seen my films - so - some were inspired by me. Some were inspired by me and just won’t admit it. Others found it by themselves. You know who you are. Still, few beat this important drum hard like I do. I didn’t invent it. I just use the hell out of it. You should too.
     Using it really takes about three rounds, three passes though, to really cover the questions well enough, because you realize you need to jump back to a previous W to answer the next W and so on. And, you certainly need the latest, unbiased, solid intel to evaluate your answers.
     With the who, what, where, when, how and why, survival and preparation questions, two variations are important to consider.  First, all have “duality” answers. 

By duality I mean a “you” and “him” duality. Or an “us” and “them” quality. The classic idea of dualism is really a two-fold division in several spiritual, religious, and philosophical doctrines. Confusing sometimes, but at times this idea is the best way to properly explain the diverse aspects of complicated life.
     Take the duality of first “Who” question for example. You must answer “who are you?” and “who do you think you will be fighting?”
Macro and Micro/Big and Small
The second variation covers micro and macro answers. The answers can be big as in concepts or small as in very detailed and specifics. An example of that? “What” will he do? He will rob you. “What” will you do? Stop him, for the macro, or big plan, big picture. Then move down on to smaller specifics such as if you move here, precisely what will he do next? The micro.
     Another example is - when I ask you the big questions like, “when do you think you might be mugged?” You might answer with something big like, “at the ATM.” Good answer. Big answer to the big question. But the “when” question has many little ‘whens “ to it also. Little whens that are important to counter-tactics and survival. Like - when does he step in too close to you? When does he actually pull and show his gun? When does he actually turn to leave?
      Why are the little questions also worth mentioning here? All fighting is situational and positional. The big "when" question is the situational part. The little "when" questions are the small positional parts. A lot of fight training starts with the situational and then eventually concerns itself with positions. These precise answers, the small and little physical steps of the enemy are important when planning to fight or run for your life.
     All these “who, what, where, when, how and why” essays to follow are about getting a working knowledge of problem solving.
Coming soon… The "Ws and H" part 2: The First W Question – The Who?

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