Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Five Minute Rule for Learning

The Five Minute Rule
Have you heard about the Five Minute Rule? It goes like this. 

     "If someone shows me a fighting tactic or technique, and I can't learn it in five minutes. Its worthless to me. Or, if I show someone something and they cannot learn it in five minutes, its worthless." 

     It is a rule that declares if a move is too complicated and too hard to learn it should be forgotten. We do have a 2 minute egg and 4 minute mile and now a five minute fight technique?

      This often gets quoted and I mean to say, I agree with the idea in general, conceptually to some extent. I get the premise. In the same way that I think and say "fighting is more like checkers and less like chess."

     But, it is situational. For example, there have been times I have shown to a group, say, a jujitsu-like move and the group, as though it was struck with a contagious brain disease, simply failed to "get it." A move all others get pretty easily, pretty quickly. I scratched my head watching them struggle, while for years other groups have caught onto the idea and movements very quickly. So the five minute rule depends on the person? And, or then the individuals in the group? Perhaps a new "Group-Dependant, Five Minute Rule" is in order? Perhaps?..

     Learning, grasping it and then using it is different, in this world of perishable skills. Being "good" at doing something is different than seeing and "learning" it's concept in 5 minutes.  

     But I do sometimes wonder. Who came up the "five-minute" part. Why FIVE minutes? Why not 10? Or 20? Is it just a casual expression? An arbitrary figure? Surely there is no cognitive science, neurological and biological to that selection. Maybe some of the best stuff may take all of six minutes and 14 seconds?

     That is why I never use a 5 minute rule, or any rule in any discussion.  I prefer -

"fighting is more like checkers and less like chess,"   To sum such things up. 

Minute watching? Not so much.

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