Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ideas on Fighting Inside Cars

     The photo here comes from a photo shoot on car jacking that Rawhide Laun and I did in China, in the outskirts of Beijing for a Chinese auto magazine. We used it for the "cover/banner" of Force Centric 17.

 Photos by Liu Shang.

       Here are some very random thoughts on the car problem. There have been some studies done on car jacking. I have seen some martial systems try to solve the crime. Car jackers usually start on the outside of your car. Most car jacking fights start there or with the door open. But what if he gets inside? Or was inside? Some guys I know of teach what appears to be full out wrestling inside the car's vehicle interior. This problem means that a bad guy was either hiding in your car, or is already in the car and he turns on you. Or, he forced his way completely in somehow. Can happen. Should be considered.
     An interior fight ensues in these demos I’ve seen, and I mean some full-out, rough wrestling - neither participant though, not even the presumed, probably untrained street thug, bad-guy-actor, threw a single blow of any kind. Not an a short elbow or a short punch, hammer fist, etc. Nothing to the eyes or throat, dare I even mention.  
     When I mentioned this to a group once, another guy, a martial arts vet, basically said there was no sense at all in striking because in those close quarters you couldn't get enough force to do any good. HUH? Then he quickly told me that it was obvious I knew nothing about grappling. As much as to say if I knew even an iota of grappling, I wouldn’t raise such a stupid, stupid idea. Class dismissed! 

      Well, I may be a half-wit, but I am a half-wit, only half the time! It seems not even all stand-up strikes have great force either, due to motion and positioning. Does that mean stand-up striking is out too? Even a free-thinking, novice MMA guy would be striking inside that interior car mess whenever he could. I wouldn’t dismiss the idea of striking so quickly. 

     I know this is hard in training, because you are messing around pretty hard and controlled, half-blows in such training give you no obvious results in this format. They go un-felt by the training partner. These types of simulated training blows then can slowly, naturally de-evolve from training. This is the subject of a whole other essay. But, I still urge you to experiment with what modern, MMA (that's grappling AND ground n' pound) might apply into this enclosed situation. Don't forget, real people in the car fighting you will probably be trying to strike you too. You should learn some tricks to block and evade even these in this close quarters, not avoid the issue entirely.

      If you are going to try this car interior training, better use a wrecked car. Strong chance it will wreck the interior, break seats, dash etc. In order to do this properly in a seminar or classes, you should really have several wrecked cars to virtually destroy, but this a luxury most of us just don't have. To get everyone involved in the practice properly, you do need several cars. Standing outside of a car watching two people inside wrestling in a demo is not the most productive of training time, so a lack of cars is a class problem. I guess its better than nothing, but...

      Also introduce knives and then guns. Sometimes the high jacking starts off with weapon threats, least of all weapons getting pulled during the fight when inside the car. The suspect’s weapon may already be out, but the surprised, high-jacked driver's weapon won't be, and he may have to stress-quick-draw a weapon after the crime starts. This draw will be in a condensed space and ugly, much like the stress draws during ground fighting. 


Photos by Liu Shang.

     I suggest when fighting for your life inside a car, or on the tile floor of a hair salon, or anywhere, you should use any and all options - to include striking when possible. And worry about weapons.

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