Friday, September 18, 2015

Tip Offs He May Attack You

     These last few years, this sort of tip-off information has been such a big deal, and a big selling point for the so-called "reality based" courses. Some younger folks have been considered sheer genius for spouting off these old, classic aspects in seminars as though they were P.H.D.s of some new, modern psychology? But this information is quite old. It was taught to me in the 1970s at police academies. I've collected it all and it is in my teaching outlines since the 90s and in my Training Mission One book published back in 2001.

     Now, I do not want you to over-emphasis this information as some kind of cure. Just read over the list and keep it mind. The list was created and I repeated it here because these events have happened. Many I have seen before dealing with people for 26 years in this upset and angry, drugged or drunk "people business."

     When a person becomes stressed, angry and aggressive, his or her body often has some changes. Here are some of these changes that research, history and experience may be linked to a sudden attack/leap upon you. Many people suggest that in a real fight situation, a person has no time to read this clues. Sometimes, yes, I agree. But, this is not always true. Sometimes, people do have the time to see these tip-offs. Every professional, even every citizen and soldier needs to read this list and at least become aware of these points.

     All fights are situational. Obviously the clues vary from situation to situation and person to person. But, better to know these on the list, than not, or to ignore they even exist.

Head Samples
   His eyes bulge.
   He has that 1000 yard stare.
   He ignores you.
   He squints.
   He assesses your body parts and gear as potential targets.
   His mouth becomes dry.
   His teeth clench.
   His voice changes.
   He actually, clearly voices violent intentions.
   His words become spastic and distracted.
   He twitches.
   His nostrils flare.
   His breathing increases
   He takes one big sudden breath.
   His face color changes, maybe reddens or pales.
   His veins bulge.
   His chin tightens, or drops.
   His neck tightens.
   His jaw juts (dumb but he still does it) 
   He babbles as though his thoughts are not guiding his voice.
   He doesn't babble and vocalizes his plans of attack

Hands and Arms Samples
   His arms swing, maybe with body turns (a big deal & easy cover for a sucker attack)
   His fingers and fists clench (blood leaving the extremities)
   His fingers drum surface tops.
   His hands shake.
   He extends a hand to shake yours. Could be a trick.
   His hands and arms travel to obvious pre-fight postures and positions. He
   positions his hands high on his chest, neck, chin or head. Raises up to
   seemingly innocent, high positions as in a fake head scratch, like a yawn
   or a stretch. Not very obvious pre-fight postures for the novice.

Body Samples
   He raises from seated positions
   He tries to wander
   He gets too close
   His body blades away from you
   He suddenly takes off his shirt, jacket or watch
   He bends at the knees
   He "expands" his chest
   Heel and toe tapping
   Positioning near potential weapons
   He turns away (critical sucker punch set-up)

   I highly suggest you keep adding to this list. The next event - how is he going to fight you? That might be readable too, but that is another essay.

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