Tuesday, August 4, 2015

War Stories Are How Cops Get Trained

“War stories are how cops get trained,” 

    - says Seth Stoughton, a former patrol officer in Tallahassee, who’s an assistant professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law. There’s no universal model for police training, with almost 650 police academies around the U.S. and more than 12,000 local departments, according to the Department of Justice. In addition, many agencies provide continuing education offered by their own officers or private companies. One constant is the emphasis on danger. Officers are often told death is a single misstep away," Stoughton says.

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    And this is true to a certain extent. Experiences in EVERY field of endeavor are important. They might not be your personal experiences, but they can be learning tools from the wins and losses of others.

    This is true of the military also. One of the life-changing sentences I heard in Army basic training years ago, was the phrase from my Drill Sergeant.

"This is how they will try to kill you."

He knew. They knew. They were vets. That one single sentence eventually shaped my filter and focus for all martial training for years to come, and why I did what I did, moved around, left and dismissed, and settled into what I do now.

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