Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Good Left Hook

     I made the following comment on Facebook awhile back and it was roundly shared and commented on within my small world of disturbed contacts. (Yes, if you are reading this, you are one of those.) But there is so much more to this simple, zen-like quick message.

"Some people can go thru their whole lives with just a damn good left hook. Live a long, prosperous and healthy life. But in training doctrine, better said is - the theory of "best training doctrine" - you need to box. If you need to box then you must kick box. If you need kickboxing, then you need to know take downs. Then you must ground wrestle. BUT! If you ground fight, you also need to add "ground n pound" to it. Then, of course, you need to really worry about weapons. BUT ... but, certainly ... there are indeed people ... who manage to go through their entire lives, successfully with just a terrific, left hook."
     Lots of laughs and thumbs up because its true. Not one single negative response? Which is actually quite amazing. But, but, but ... one might then ask, why then bother working on all those other subjects when a theoretical "left hook" is all you need? You just need a one-trick-pony? 

     Honestly if all you ever known in life is one left hook and you have hooked some bad guys with it and always won? You are probably quite lucky in life also. I personally have always felt you needed a little stable of trick-ponies, not just one. One of those ponies would be athleticism for example. Athleticism can cover over many sins. But the same could be said for single-studies like Brazilian wrestling, or Aikido, or...whatever it is.  With a little luck, you could live a happy life and survive with all these single study things and single moves.

     But the real end message to the zen-like-riddle observation above is, you need to study all these things mentioned so that you can pick your favorite and functional tricks, based on your world. The above lines are like a mantra. I think that instructors must be free thinking so that they can teach their students a plethora of options, so that in the end, the student selects - out of experiments and experience - their own personal list of "left hooks" for their world.

     Their world? Your world? Your world is based on the "who, what, where, when, how, and why" questions. I don't care what you pick as your favorite survival moves as long as they are educated selections. You might indeed end up with a mighty, left hook after all, but you did it the smart way, not the stupid way, with many side benefits.

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