Monday, March 16, 2015

What's Left of Bang?

     Yeah, I think everyone must read the non-fiction, "self-help" book/manual called Left of Bang. For those unfamiliar with the somewhat newer military phrase, “left of bang” means time before the fight/problem and trying to predict it. Bang is … well ... the bang. It’s happening. Right of bang is the aftermath. I think we all in the martial training business, as well as people needing/seeking the topics of self-defense stuff, fighting crime, and war, etc., have an obligation to read this book/manual. 

      New? It’s not new stuff, harkening back to the Gift of Fear, but it is new to new people and sort of newly, smartly organized with modern jargon that catches attention. It is a very fast collection of everything put out in like, oh, the last 20-something or so years on prepping for pending violent problems. 

     They advertise that even police are amazed by the prep info, but I don’t see how unless training is really slipping and has changed that much for the worse. It's the same basic alerts to which I was preached back in the 70s but newly packaged. For example, rest assured in the 70s and 80s, we were not talking about "Kinesics" and "Biometrics" under those big fancy titles; but we were still presented with what they meant and how they worked. Much of this was covered in the old Caliber Press police seminars starting back in the early 1980s.  Maybe it's just a great refresher course for cops to read and also attend the seminars? And then they give it a "thumb's up"? Okay. In the spirit of "nice collection," I am giving it a thumb's up here, too.

     The book is actually more about war, with some excerpts dedicated to crime. Detecting suspicious people and places and what happens when you do. The authors somehow pack it all in there. Good, bad, and a bit of the ugly. (Some sour stuff here and there from Siddle-world and Grossman-world  that I and many others always shake our heads at.) 
I guess Left of Bang is like a tabletop reference book for it all.

     I obsess about the training motto we use, "Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why," to prepare citizens, cops, and soldiers for the interviews and ambushes of their lives. For me, obsessed to a really unhealthy degree about all this kind of stuff, I can’t say that there was anything new in this book. Not trying to brag; I just found nothing new for me. 

     For me. For you? If normal, healthy people are not following this type of info (and who is, really)? If you are a rookie? A cadet? A normal person/citizen? You and they REALLY do need to read the book. You might find it all sheer genius. There are people touring the world now trying to teach this material in seminars revered by new rookies, newbies, cadets, and the great unwashed; but this book does a much better, comprehensive job of it. 

     So I will just say, "Please read it." It helps make my life easier as a teacher when the class has a working knowledge of this info. Saves so much time! But you know, read it and do question everything in it, think about it, read more on each topic, which it's always good to ponder anyway when researching stuff. There are in-depth questions and the usual controversies with some topics in the book that the authors just brush right over and accept them and, therefore, expect you to accept, too, at face value.  Don't. Be the skeptic.

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