Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Civilian Warriors, the Inside Story of Blackwater

Finished the Erik Prince book, his version of the history and events of Blackwater. I enjoyed the book and hearing his version of things. I do believe the Democrats tried to persecute him and the company and yet could never cut them loose because they did such a diverse and successful service. They had a tremendous success record when considering the overall big picture.

In a way, Prince is like Howard Hughes and other entrepreneurs who built massive businesses in the US in various fields and was met with obstacles. The final chapter was written by Max Boot, war historian, who fills in all the CIA-related blanks that Prince could not even dare mention due to prior contract promises. Boot did a separate investigation and finished off the book for the publishers. There were stories running around that Prince moved to the Middle East to create a contract army, many vets from South America, for the United Arab Emirates. But in this book, he states he moved there with his family just to build mining companies?

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