Friday, January 23, 2015

The Gunman's False Surrender

You have the drop on the bad guy. His or her gun is not out or maybe is out. But they decide to surrender to you. Or so it would seem. Are they setting you up?

The following photos are some old-school samples of fake-outs and tricks criminals would use, know, and pass on to the next generation. In the olden days, tricks like this would be passed on to inmates in prisons using wood props or sculpted soap bars or out in the hang-outs and dens where bad guys swap stories, booze, drugs, and moves.

These are some of the tips passed down to me from veteran cops from as far back as the 1960s. They have indeed manifested in subsequent years. This is important awareness for police, military, and citizens protecting themselves whether home or away.

Before we start, remember the three carry sites and the time and space it takes to get to them.

1. Primary carry site: Think quick draw
The belt line. Pockets. Maybe the shoulder rig. The quick access locations.

2. Secondary carry site: Think backup
The boot gun or knife, the neck knife, weapons that require a little time to dig out of their hidey-holes. This is good for you because they need a few seconds to deploy. A few seconds pass very fast, though!

3. Tertiary carry site: Think lunge and reach
This is when the weapon is off the body, within a sudden lunge and grab.

This is why the old line, “Watch the hands; it’s the hands that will kill you,” is so important. It doesn’t mean you stare at their mitts. You conduct your business but keep track of the hands. Hand movements to these sites are your alert systems to take action. Memorize the pathways by having trainers pull weapons tens or hundreds of times in front of you.

Here are some tips -

Consider some of these issues when trying to control, contain, and/or arrest.

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