Sunday, June 22, 2014

Force-on-Force Training

Force-on-Force Training Is Superior by W. Hock Hochheim

     Not that this is new news for most of us, but what now? There has been an official, respected study! So reports Dr. Bill Lewinski of "Force Science U." Study confirms: "Force-on-force benefits top traditional target training  In the first study of its kind, researchers have confirmed that force-on-force training is significantly superior to traditional firearms practice in at least three important ways:

     1) Force-on-force (FoF) scenarios that enable "suspects" to shoot at trainees generally stimulate a stronger physiological stress reaction in targeted officers;

     2) They expose how badly officers' shooting accuracy is likely to suffer in an actual gunfight;

     3) They more strongly motivate officers to take training seriously and to adopt protective tactics on their own                                                                                               volition.

     In light of their scientific documentation, the researchers conclude in a newly published paper that FoF handgun practice is "a potent training tool to prepare armed officers for performance in a stressful real-life environment."

     "This study," says Dr. Bill Lewinski, executive director of the Force Science Institute, "provides reassuring support for progressive trainers who are already engaged in reality-based instruction and should also prove valuable to those who are trying to persuade their agencies to upgrade and modernize outmoded firearms programs." FSI was not involved in this research, although some of the Institute's work is referenced in the recent paper.

* * *

     This doesn't mean and shouldn't mean to take away the time needed at the range to master the machine called a "gun." That has to be done and needs some periodic familiarization, also. But you are not really learning how to gunfight unless moving, thinking people are shooting back at you.

      I hesitated to use this photo above (photo of some of our guys at a gun clinic I did in Finland); because if "gun-guys" do any actually simulated ammo work, all many do is a little standoff, showdown ditty like in the photo above usually after a day of live fire at a range. Then they go home and think "oh, okay, well we've done that." Then the next weekend (and thereafter), they are back to endlessly shooting paper targets and arguing about the best spring you can buy or this or that widget, gun part, or accessory. 

     There are dozens of important variations and situations to exercise with simulated ammo, though. Parking lots, stairways. Businesses. Hostage deals. Yes, car-jackings. Robberies both inside and out of houses and buildings. Gun armed grappling. Gun ground fighting. Tons of simulated crimes and war situations to run through. Which we have done (since about 1995) in our gun course.


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