Thursday, May 29, 2014

Zero Tolerance and the Bully Epidemic

Zero Tolerance and the Bully Epidemic

     First they hit us all hard with Zero Tolerance on “violence” in school systems. If a kid literally pointed a finger at another kid, they were snatched up and expelled. For years now, we read in the newspapers and watched on TV how ridiculously extreme and nonsensical this rule was. Even if a kid was obviously defending himself, he was expelled. The message was never, ever, under any circumstances, fight. Or fight back. Little picked-on Johnny must escape to a “safe zone.” This annoying zero tolerance rule has been in play for many years now and in many “civilized” countries. 

     At home, many a dad wants to teach his kids a little boxing and ground fighting, too, (the old classic “schoolyard” fight). A lot of tough talk flies around, but the normal kid and society knows he really can’t fight back, “teach lessons” and not get expelled, and tagged as “violent.” Sorry, Dad. Wake up. It's a brand new psychosomatic, nanny-state world. 

     What happened to us next? The Bully Movement. Ohhh, the big bad bully movement and all the poor, suffering, and helpless victims. Who made many of these kids helpless? Who built that structure?  Parents and schools are in a panic now about the bully pandemic. 

     There are cottage industries now built on dealing “properly” with bullies. Who is a bully? What makes a bully? Where are the bullies? When do bullies strike? How do they bully? What do you do when a bully bullies you? None of this advice can include a swift kick in the nuts or an elbow to the jaw.  

     Is Zero Tolerance and the Bully Epidemic connected? I think so. One helped make the other. Surely I can’t be alone in making this connection?