Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pirate Skunks of the Electronic Seas

     Pirate Skunks! My face, video clips, and pirated films and books have been used worldwide as a draw on pages to sell everything from pepper spray to porn from here to China and Russia. 

     Nothing like writing and working and filming and then having some skunk somewhere steal it. Pirate it. This has been a giant curse for us, and we do battle with it constantly. But there is usually a price a customer pays for dealing with such pirates. Many files are corrupt and laden with all kinds of viruses.

     But worse - we got the info yesterday that some jack-off in Florida was selling the "Whole Hock Package" (over and over again). All my films and books for $700. A customer bought it with a money order to Florida. For months, he received nothing. Then to his surprise, a package came, minus a return address. An external drive that contained all my titles at least in a list on a screen! Only two of some 70 films worked, and they were poor quality. Seven hundred dollars later! So, folks, don’t be buying that pirate skunk crap. Meanwhile, we'll be trying to track down the skunk in Florida.

     "Porn?" asked one reader here? Yes. A certain kind of porn operation uses video clips of fighting and action and violence to draw a young or a certain demographic to their pages via search engines. Quite popular a few years ago.

     Another scam - at one point, “several” companies
had porn sites with my name in the URL! You clicked on that URL, and it took you straight to a porn site. This was several years ago, and I think Jane somehow shut that down. I was not alone with this problem; several other martial names from martial magazines were caught up in this little “bait and switch” operation.

     Other companies (and I call them "low-running" companies) that sell safety and security products used me and others to draw people to their pages. The center column had pirated videos, clips, and so forth; and down the sides, they sold their products that they sell. This was in the USA and international.

     I am not going to get started here about what goes on in Russian and Chinese sites. It involves other people and their incomes, sometimes their sole incomes. 

     But once again, there is nothing like sweating and toiling away on books and films and having some little weasel take it and sell it.


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